Any package for surveys?

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Fri Jan 28 12:19:56 UTC 2011

> Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 19:08:06 +0000
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> Subject: Re: Any package for surveys?
> On 27/01/11 17:04, Bill Moran ...
> Thank you for taking the time to reply Bill.  I am glad you challenge me. 
>  Someone needs to!
> > In response to elbbit <elbbit at>:
> >> On 27/01/11 14:41, Andrew McGlashan wrote:
> >>> Hi Simon,
> >> Thanks for taking the time to reply Andrew.
> >>
> >>> elbbit wrote:
> >>>> I held off writing back because I have just launched a new website 
> >>>> at:
> >>>>
> >>>> Wait!  Don't go!  This isn't spam!   Please!  Just listen!
> >>> Yes, it looks very spammy to me....
> >> I sent similar emails to other lists and was promptly scalded for 
> >> being so uncouth.  I thank those who encourage me to stop spamming for 
> >> teaching me humility.  However, I think the importance of global self 
> >> awareness is too important to worry about whether or not we like to 
> >> know about the problems.  This is the equivalent of a hit-and-run, in 
> >> my opinion.  I am here to stay, I am not going anywhere and the world 
> >> will become self-aware in my presence.  It is why I have been born.
> >
> > You are a delusion dipshit, and a bad liar.
> > If you feel so righteous about your cause, why did you hijack another 
> > thread without changing the subject?
> With all the respect that is due to you, and all others who frequent 
> these mailing lists, I feel the topic of global voting is too important 
> to worry about whether or not my particular message fits into a defined 
> category.  

And you think it's OK to *STEAL* other people's resources to get "your"
message out, apparently.  The people who run the mailing lists _pay_ for
that equipment and network connectivity, and provide it to others for a
specific use.  You _are_ a thief, and as already stated "a bad liar, and
a delusional dipshit."

Doing what you did is *expressly* against The AUP of your hosting services 
provider, Webfusion, Ltd.  <>

That said, you've _made_ your rules, and now *you8 get to live by them.
Since _you_ believe it is "OK" to inflict your 'important' message on 
those you do not know, and who have _not_ consented to hear it, you 
=cannot= object if the 'world' decides to do the same to _you_ and
your mailbox.

Russian brides, pharmaceutcals, watches, lottery winnings, money sharing, 
and whatever else people decide is 'too important' for _you_ not to be 
informed of.

Annoying people who *run* mail-servers is a _really_ stupid thing to do.

But, then, you're a spammer.  And have just re-proven the validity of
Rule #3, and Kruegers Corrolary thereunto, of the "Rules of Spam".

see: <>

So, I guess, it's not _all_ that surprising.

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