Can't install - Octave, SuiteSparse

Rob Farmer rfarmer at
Fri Jan 28 04:08:01 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 15:25, Gerald Pfeifer <gerald at> wrote:
> Sorry, I just realized I totally missed this question.  Are you
> still seeing the problem?
> Looking at the web archive of this thread, I do not see anything
> stand out.  What happens if you remove gcc- and try
> to build everything with GCC 4.5?
> It may be worthwhile doing a 'portupgrade -a' or similar and rebuild
> all ports with one and the same compiler before trying again.
> Gerald

IIRC, there was a problematic version of gcc45 somewhere in that time
period but it was corrected next time the port was updated.

I would suggest the reporter try again with a recent version - I
suspect it will work fine.

Rob Farmer

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