Printing from inside the applications in FreeBSD 8.1 with CUPS

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Jan 27 21:48:50 UTC 2011

On Thu, 27 Jan 2011, Bahman Kahinpour wrote:

> After a lot of work, I managed to get my printer work with CUPS with
> appropriate filters. Now, I can print the test page using
> http://localhost:631 and also I can print any postscript file from
> command-line.
> cat ~/ | /usr/local/bin/lp


% /usr/local/bin/lp ~/

> Note that I can not print using simple "lp" command as there a "lp" in
> /bin/lp. How can I print from inside the applications? Take Firefox or
> gedit for instance. How can I print from those apps using File>Print
> menu? I need to add stuff to those dialogs which open from File>Menu.

CUPS chose to use identical names for their printing commands. 
Sometimes people delete the system lpr (/usr/bin/lpr) so that only the 
CUPS version is found, or link one to the other.  The system lpr will 
come back if you rebuild the system, unless you take other actions. 
The CUPS article talks about this near the end:

There may also be options in your "desktop environment" preferences to 
select which printing system will be used.

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