Any package for surveys?

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On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 04:38:57PM +0000, elbbit wrote:
> I sent similar emails to other lists and was promptly scalded for being
> so uncouth.  I thank those who encourage me to stop spamming for
> teaching me humility.  However, I think the importance of global self
> awareness is too important to worry about whether or not we like to
> know about the problems.  This is the equivalent of a hit-and-run, in
> my opinion.  I am here to stay, I am not going anywhere and the world
> will become self-aware in my presence.  It is why I have been born.

It's spam, no matter how good you think the cause may be.  Spam alienates
people.  It does *not* sway them to your point of view.  Being spammy is
a great way to *discourage* people from whatever you want to encourage
them to do.  I recommend you stop.

You have already convinced many on this list, I am certain, that visiting
your site will be a complete waste of time, because spammy behavior is a
very strong indicator of scammy ideas.

> >
> > I think back to the good old Eliza program, back in my late primary
> > school days in the era of the TRS-80 and Apple ][e computers.  The
> > program asks a simple question, then depending on your response, it will
> > ask further questions along the way to get to an artificial point of
> > "knowing" the answer.  
> Aah, the old Turing test chestnut.  Artificial intelligence *will*
> happen, but not in the way we have previously thought it.

This is completely irrelevant to the point about Eliza.

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