Best RAID setup

Don O'Neil lists at
Wed Jan 26 02:03:36 UTC 2011

I'm getting ready to setup a new FreeBSD 8.1 64 bit server and wanted to
know everyone's thoughts on which way to go. software RAID 5 (or 10) or
hardware RAID 5 (or 10). I currently have a 3Ware card in one of my servers
and it works great, but I haven't really been keeping up on what the latest
RAID support is. How is the ZFS support these days? Is it production ready?
What about hardware RAID, is there a compatibility list somewhere with what
hardware (or pseudo hardware) RAID controllers are supported? 


I'm just looking for the most stable, and production ready RAID that can
handle at least 1 TB disks and create volumes in the 3-4 TB range. Any
thoughts, feedback, caveats, etc. are welcomed.



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