Jon Radel (sorry no other way to do this)

RW rwmaillists at
Mon Jan 24 23:05:12 UTC 2011

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011 12:23:28 -0800
Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> wrote:

> On Jan 24, 2011, at 12:13 PM, Graeme Dargie wrote:
> > Now I know I am going to get hung out to dry on this one, but I am
> > having a problem with Jon Radel and his encrypted mails to this
> > list. I cannot open them, I cannot get his address from the mail to
> > talk to him directly, or get the address so I can filter it. Yes it
> > is not the end of the world, but the possibility does exist he is
> > saying something useful, if only I could see it.
> His address is Jon Radel <jon at>, and is using S/MIME plugin
> to Mozilla Thunderbird.
> You should be able to view the text portion just fine, even if your
> MUA doesn't understand the smime.p7s attachment.  I gather you're
> using Outlook, perhaps it's having problems?

It looks like the list has stripped the actual signature,  but left the
main  Content-Type header unmodified, leaving the mime in an
inconsistent state.

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