Apache22 Roadblock

Edgar Valdes edgargvaldes at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 19:01:06 UTC 2011

Hello everyone.

Having a good head scratchier this morning. This morning I powercycled the
server only to find that apache would no longer start. mind you this server
was put together last week and was running without issue over the weekend.
the only thing that had changed was the ip.

so I did what anyone else would of done when apache does not start:
#apachectl start
>/usr/local/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started

Huh... ok... So next thing to do is to check the error logs:
>tail /var/log/httpd-error.log
>/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: /usr/local/lib/php/20060613/zlib.so: Undefined symbol

It's at this point I'm stuck at. Been googling around for the past 2 hours
and have not found anything specific to this problem. Can anyone point me in
the right direction please?


Edgar V.

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