TV test image generator using mencoder

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Mon Jan 24 10:17:04 UTC 2011

On 01/24/11 17:45, Polytropon wrote:
> For an amateur TV (ham) project, I'm searching for a
> convenient way to create a test image DVD or CD using
> FreeBSD's port mencoder. But I can't get this working.
> Maybe somebody on list has an idea of how to accomplish
> this.
> Input:	a still image (jpg, gif, png) of a test picture,
> 	as shown on TV, already available
> Output:	a VCD-compatible MPEG video file which shows the
> 	picture (which does not change) and plays a 1 kHz
> 	testing sound (sine wave); the length of "video"
> 	should be given in minutes
> More:	a DVD-compatible output could be provided for
> 	better quality if needed
> The idea is this: With a set of, let's say 5 of such
> MPEG files, each lasting 10 minutes, I want to burn a
> VCD because that's what the player in use can play best.
> If it plays the in "repeat mode", every 10 minutes the
> test image will change, the sound will stay the same.
> The VCD can be done with mkvcdfs, I've already done
> that for other purposes, works good. As this player
> is a stand-alone device, there's no trouble getting
> a TV (video or even antenna) signal out of a PC. :-)
> Background: The test VCD can be played in continuous loop
> while the transmitter is running. This way, receiving
> tests can be done, as there is a good testing signal
> for making statements about video and audio quality.
> The combination of both, also using something standar-
> dized (instead of a camera input, showing the town
> from above or a look out of the window across the
> street) is buch better for making QUALIFIED statements
> about signal quality. Adjustments to the equipment
> can be done more easily.
> I've tried to do this with mencoder, but can't get any
> usable results.
> How would you suggest to get this done?

The docs cover all that, and mencoder can output in vcd or dvd format.

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