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Sun Jan 23 06:06:45 UTC 2011

On 01/23/11 14:00, Gary Kline wrote:
> Can anybody spot what's messed up here and help me get back up?
> > From earlier errors I added and then removed an "A" address label
> before the "IN NS" ... That was the only thing I
> could think of, and things still failed.
> HEre is the apropos part of the log:

Sometimes you just get to the point where you just want a 
straight-forward answer to things because you've had enough :) I'm there 
now myself, so I can relate. So...

1. Are you sure named (bind9.x's executable) is not already running? 
Usually if it is already running you would incant rndc reload.

2. You need an address record for named server host- So 
you need in your zone file (this is taking a bit of remembering now- 
been a while since I had to edit mine... :) ):

NS ; don't forget the period at the end
<other ns/mx servers>
     A <ip address of web server> ; OPTIONAL: this will allow users to 
just enter domain and go straight to the web server. You can also simply 
CNAME hosts with the same address.
$ORIGIN ; saves you typing - now just type in the hosts and 
domain will be auto added (again don't forget the period)
ns1    A <ip address of NS>

That should get you out of trouble. The optional stuff makes it easier 
for your users, and for you to maintain. Don't forget to increment your 
serial :)

Now, I think you should be checking your mail server....

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