Networking problem running inside Virtualbox

Rance Hall ranceh at
Sun Jan 23 05:50:20 UTC 2011

I'm trying to track down a problem that seems to have been introduced
after FreeBSD 8.0.

I'm trying to install FreeBSD inside a virtualbox guest whose host is
a Win7 64bit box running Vbox 4.0.2

PC-BSD based on FreeBSD 8.0 works fine.  But FreeBSD 8.1 does not.

Here is what "does not work" means in my case.

Depending on the specific network adapter emulated in Vbox for FreeBSD
I get the following:

PC-Net II (works)
PC-Net III (no dhcp address setup)
Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop (dhcp works, but network stack somehow does
not. No network connectivity after dhcp assignment.)
Intel Pro/1000 T Server (same as MT Desktop)
Intel Pro/1000 MT Server (same as MT Desktop)

I posted this question on the virutalbox mailing list and got a reply
from someone else who is tracking the same issue I am, but neither of
us have an answer.

Because FreeBSD 8.0 works no matter what ethernet card is simulated
and because PC-Net II still does work in 8.1, I suspect that FreeBSD
is the culprit, but I can't prove it.

All my other OSes work fine its just FreeBSD that gives me fits.

I'm willing to make this problem report better, but I don't really
understand how to debug this in the vm container.  What information
would be helpful?


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