lightbulb? prob'ly not, but....

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> # telnet
> Trying ...
> telnet: connect to addr n.n.n.n: Connection refused
> telnet: Unable to connect to remotr host
> Does the "Connection refused" signify anything in the bind/dns world.
> ?
> BEfore i portupgraded to bind97 from bind9, this kind of stuff worked.

Seeing as you're not resolving any hostname it's not DNS.

You also have not specified a port for telnet to connect to so it'll default to 23, which you probably don't want. Try 'telnet 80' (80 is the standard port for http).

BTW, the 'Connection Refused' message means that the port is closed and sending a RST, which means that either nothing is listening on the port or that the system is sending RST's because of a firewall rule. If you haven't setup such rules you can assume the first to be the case. 

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