use of menus crashes Firefox?

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Fri Jan 21 00:50:48 UTC 2011

On Jan 20, 2011, at 4:43 PM, Keith Seyffarth wrote:
>> Doing a "bt" would have been helpful right about there, but I think I've got enough info to suggest rebuilding your kernel with the following option:
>> options         P1003_1B_SEMAPHORES
> thanks again, Chuck.
> I can easily get the bt if needed, but I looked into rebuilding the
> kernel. It looks like I need to first update the source tree. I think I
> can see how to do that with cvsup, but if I do that, am I going to be
> trying to build an 8.3 kernel to run in a 7.2 environment?

Nope, not if you cvsup or use csup (which comes with the system already, most likely) to RELENG_7_2 or RELENG_7, the latter of which would give you 7-STABLE, which is approaching 7.4 nowadays.

> I suspect that would not have the desired end result of a running computer...

Actually, you can run a 7.x userland under a 8.x kernel.
That's how a major version update of FreeBSD from source is supposed to work.  :-)

> Or should I just build the kernel with what's currently in /usr/src?

That should also work.  But it's beneficial to update your sources for the version you wish to run, since you will gain security changes which have been made since....


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