no apache22, php5 cores

Chris Brennan xaero at
Thu Jan 20 23:11:56 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 6:03 PM, Gary Kline <kline at> wrote:

>        Won't help me now.  Anyway, anybody else have a clue with
>        php5-5.35 cores all of a sudden?
>        Chris, I checked my /etc/resolv.conf awhile ago.  It was missing
>        what I added, the ns, so i readded it.  Has anybody else
>        has trouble streaming stuff from Bostoo?; and WAMU?
>        There is an ``On Point'' stream I catch a few times/week and it
>        has been hanging.  It just stops dead.  One idea I have is to
>        half the bitrate; that would double the number of slots ... and
>        without much loss of audio quality?  The WAMU stream fails
>        completely.  Any of you network guys know what might be going
>        on?
>        I run an iftop on my desktop and see that a bunch of site jump
>        in when I reload, but they drop off ... [??]
>        FWIW, I'm a member ....
I use half and a quarter of your dns .... as it's less then 40mi
from me. As for your stream, not sure but off the top of my head I would
have to say the route from you to the wbur server may have changed for any
number of reasons. try tracepath'ing it and see where/if it breaks. I don't
stream anything from them so I dunno but if you continue to have issues then
I will see if I have problems watching something.


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