l2tp - l2tp/ipsec vpn road warrior

Da Rock freebsd-questions at herveybayaustralia.com.au
Thu Jan 20 10:01:25 UTC 2011

Hi guys- been a while: caught up in some bad weather recently... (if 
anyone's been following AU news)

I've been attacking this problem for a while now, but I haven't been 
able to make some real gains on it. I'm trying use a vpn on the android 
2.1 system, but I haven't been able to find out what its running for 
vpn. I've discovered this much:

 From what I can tell IKEv2 isn't available until (maybe) at least 2.3.

I don't know if its a linux kernel module or world thing, or something 
3rd party.

Cisco is incompatible.

And obviously I cannot tell what IP it is on the 3g network.

I want a non root solution if possible, and simple as possible- auto 
connect in other words. Ergo, the native solution as much as possible.

Seeing as android == linux, the possibilities seem to be limited. No 
raccoon. Maybe have to build from source. Maybe openl2tp?

Anybody had any experience with this? Advice? Please? :)


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