How to adjust man page line length

David J. Weller-Fahy dave-lists-freebsd-questions at
Thu Jan 20 04:59:42 UTC 2011

* David Kelly <dkelly at> [2011-01-18 07:05 -0500]:
> As for the request not to be CC'ed in reply, put the list address in
> the Reply-To: header as I have done here.

I started to last night, and realized I couldn't devise a simple way to
do so automatically for all lists I subscribe to without keeping a list
of the lists I subscribe to... (other than my mailboxes: one for each
list)... but I haven't devoted much time to it yet.

I have a feeling it will involve a reply-hook, and that others have
already accomplished it, but I'll try another time.  For now think of it
as a polite request which, if not complied with, will cause no ill will.

dave [ please don't CC me ]
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