named/bind problems....

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Jan 19 23:03:46 UTC 2011

Yesterday noon my time I rebooted my server.  Things seemed to be slow.
Several streams were hanging or stopping, and because had
been up for 61 days I figured it wouldn't hurt to reinitialize stuff.

Well, nutshell, disaster.  For hours it wasn't clear whether the server would
survive, but eventually i got a portupgrade -avOPk going and now I am close to
having every port rebuilt.  

Now host gives the the IP address of the U/Washington.  Etc. last
night for unknown reasons even this failed.  I remembered that late last fall
I  was warned the "bind9" was nearing its end/life.   I okayed the portupgrade
to remove bind9 and install whatever its follow up would be.  

Since then, my kill9named script[s] and my restartnamed script[s] have failed.
Can anyone save me from hours of tracking down whatever I have to to put
things right?   

Everything I get in trouble with this bind stuff it occurs how significant an
achievement it is to have a
service that automagically maps quad/dotted-decimals to actual words.

Sorry if this sounds disjoint; it is past time for a lollipop and a blanket
and a *nap*


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