FreeBSD 8.1 and Intel Atom System Panic

Paul Niemi pnmail at
Wed Jan 19 16:37:31 UTC 2011


I am having a system panic issue with the Intel D510MO motherboard.  It uses 
an Intel D510 Atom CPU, that is a hyperthreaded, dual core CPU that supports 
Intel 64 Technology.  I am using FreeBSD 8.1_RELEASE AMD64 with the GENERIC 
kernel, and the system crashes with the following error on the console, when 
hyperthreading is enabled in the BIOS.

panic:vm_page_insert: effset already allocated

If I disable the hytperthreading in the BIOS, then the system is stable.  Does 
anyone know what this error means, or what the hyperthreading support is with 
8.1_RELEASE AMD64?   Do I need to recompile the kernel with different options 
for this CPU, or is this a bug?

Thank you.

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