[Probably a bit OT] A question about mail systems [SOLVED]

Maciej Milewski milu at dat.pl
Mon Jan 17 10:22:31 UTC 2011

On Saturday 15 of January 2011 22:45:23, Rolf Nielsen wrote:
> Thanks for the input I received from you guys. I've got things running
> in a way I'm quite happy with now. And with your input and a little
> further digging on my part, it turned out to be pretty simple.
> I kept sendmail, set up dovecot as an IMAP server, and put
> "| /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/deliver" in ~/.forward. That's all I did.
> And it works just like I want it to. Realising it was that simple made
> me laugh at myself. But then again, mail servers isn't my area of
> expertise.
> I find using ~/.forward for this a bit of an ugly hack, but as long as
> I'm the only one using this computer, I can live with it, though I would
> prefer to have it in /etc/mail/aliases instead, but that just gives me
> warnings about deliver not being run as the correct user (yes, I did try
> with the -d option). If someone knows how to fix that, I'd be greatful,
> but it's not that important, at least not for the time being, so don't
> lose any sleep over it for me.
> Anyway, thanks again for the input,
> Rolf Nielsen
As you left sendmail and not mention about reconfiguring it I think that you 
should do it according to Dovecot wiki:


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