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Sun Jan 16 14:59:10 UTC 2011

At 11:26 AM 1.14.2011 -0500, Mike. wrote:
>On 1/13/2011 at 5:21 PM Al Plant wrote:
>|Jack L. Stone wrote:
>|> I have used's DNS zone service for about 9 years and it
>|> handles a number of static IPs for my companies.
>|> Now, suddenly they have created a "new platform" and migrating
>|> from the legacy platform to the new. The legacy site doen't work
>|> just confirms account and redirects to the new site.
>|Aloha Jack,
>|Yes, I use Zone Edit.
>|I just had to email them at Support:>  support at
>|and Paul T. sent me this link to the legacy site as they havent
>|all the DNS. >
> =============
>I wish zoneedit were as responsive for me.
>I sent in an email to support yesterday and all I've gotten back so far
>was the robot acknowledgement.  Based upon this thread, I don't find
>that encouraging.   I am locked out and I need access to the account so
>I can make a DNS change.

My experience was also maddening and for several days, all I got was that
"...we'll get back to you within 24 hours...." but they didn't respond at
all for several days. They had sent me a link that was supposed to reset my
password, but it returned an error as well.

Thanks to this list, "Dan" of zoneedit responded and fixed things. I got in
immediately thereafter using a fresh link to reset my password to the new
platform. Glad Dan monitors this list.

Alas, though now I'm getting an avalance of more robot responses to my many
earlier cries for help. It makes me nervous that another on staffer may
mess up things -- so, I keep logging in. All is still okay on the new
platform so far. While the new platform looks a bit more "flashy" can't say
I like it any better (yet).

Another response to my post was from Pierre who said:
"...The legacy platform seems to still work for me:
I had sent some money though to have free service for my existing domains

Apparently Pierre's account just hasn't been migrated to the new platform
and the old legacy sit still works. Mine had been migrated to the new but
apparently with errors as it didn't recognize my email address which has
been on the old site for 9+ years. The pay ahead didn't have anything do do
with it. I've also carried a sizable advance paid balance of unused credits.

Mike, maybe Dan will help you too. Also, perhaps my experience will be
useful for others. For almost a decade, this is the first time I've had a
problem, while I was alarmed and fummed at the lack of response this time,
all is well again for me. I guess they are having growing pains with the
move to the new platform???

All the best,

Happy trails,
Jack L. Stone

System Admin

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