NIS table and the local passwd are out of sync

Thomas freebsdlists at
Fri Jan 14 09:34:26 UTC 2011


I hope someone can give me some hints on how to fix a NIS problem. My
FreeBSD 7.2 (amd64) system works as NIS Server and a 8.1-STABLE (amd64)
machine as a NIS client. It was configured as described at Syncing between
server and client works but there is a difference between NIS and the
local administrative database (passwd). ypcat and ypmatch show more
users than getent.

"ypmatch wwwfoo passwd"

"getent passwd | grep wwwfoo" returns nothing

This is an issue since my apache doesn't work if all these users are not
seen with getent. Any idea why all my users are in the nis table but are
not seen by the system? Nscd is not running so it shouldn't be a cache

NIS client master.passwd:
nobody:*:65534:65534:Unprivileged user:/nonexistent:/usr/sbin/nologin

group: files nis
group_compat: nis
passwd: files nis
passwd_compat: nis


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