Need some device help

Robert Boyer rwboyer at
Fri Jan 14 02:34:57 UTC 2011

 am in the process of moving all of my NAS from open solaris to FreeBSD (I hope?) and have run into a few speed bumps along the way. Maybe I am doing something way way wrong but I cannot seem to find any info at all on some of my issues. I hope this is the right list to ask - if not please steer me in the right direction. 

I am not new to BSD's but then again I am not intimately familiar with a lot of the inner workings and things have change a bunch since my kernel hacking days of NET2 on a vax so this is probably just a parameter somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. Here goes...

Question 1?

I am trying to get FreeBSD running ZFS to work as both a server and a consumer of iSCSI targets and can't seem to attach to more than 8 devices. In fact it seems to break after a TOTAL of 8 SCSI devices on the client (initiator end) after attaching 8 SCSI devices da0 through da7 target discovery even stops working with this message when running ANY iscontrol commend on the initiator.

ISCSISETSES: Device not configured 

I believe this is on the initiator end and has to do with the total number of attached scsi devices but am not completely sure - I am using the built in iscsi initiator and kernel module NOT open iscsi and istgt on the server. Any ideas? Is this on the server end somehow? Ps. There is absolutely no messages in any log server or client after the 8 device and iSCSI stops working the above message comes from the iscontrol command with the -v option.

Question 2?
In order to make device names persistent I am using glabel on raw non-partitioned devices to simulate solaris persistent device names. I also understand that I can use GPT disks and that glabel somehow integrates with the GUID? Is this the case or is using GPT a completely independent alternative to using glabel? In any case what is the best/most common practice to achieving the end result (reliably and dependably) in the FreeBSD world?

Thanks a lot


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