Which php??

Paul Macdonald paul at ifdnrg.com
Thu Jan 13 22:45:57 UTC 2011

On 13/01/2011 22:36, Gary Kline wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 09:42:40PM +0000, Paul Macdonald wrote:
>>>> did you follow the procedure in ports/UPDATING about autotools?
>>> 	I followed the suggestion from Mike Powell and that resolved the
>>> 	problem with autoconf-2.68.  I'm trying the others now.  See if
>>> 	it has any affect on mail/php5-imap.
>> you probably won't need imap support in php, so you could just
>> deselect this in make config.
>> Paul.
> 	Here is what message is posted to the top of
> 	www.thought.org/blog/ where I cp'd -rp the whole of wordpress
> 	files.
> 	Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension
> 	which is required by WordPress.o
> 	wHen i looked at the directory with firefox3
> 	file:///usr/local/www/wordpress, there was a similar complain.
> 	I did not believe it--because I *do* have mysql installed.
> 	Moreover, I set up a "wordpress" database and wordpress_user,
> 	and all the rest of it.
> 	So far I am heading into the third day of this: trying to get
> 	the wordpress port working on my site. (It strikes me   as more
> 	than a bit ironic that one of the things in the wp description
> 	is that it looks SO simple.  Not my experience!)
> 	Question:: which MySQL should I have installed to get the port
> 	working?  I am been debugging this stuff bit-by-bit.  So far,
> 	I've upgraded the entire 700 ports since last October.  I have
> 	kept ``ethic'' to be a server: DNS, mail, and web.  Be great to
> 	host wordpress working so any help will be v much appreciated!
> 	gary
its the php mysql extension it's moaning about, not the mysql server.

what do you get from pkg_version -Iv | grep php5

i wouldn't normally do it like this, but in your case i'd be tempted to

cd /usr/ports/databases/php5-mysql
make install clean

cross fingers
restart apache

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