Jack L. Stone jacks at
Thu Jan 13 16:58:27 UTC 2011

I have used's DNS zone service for about 9 years and it
handles a number of static IPs for my companies.

Now, suddenly they have created a "new platform" and migrating accounts
from the legacy platform to the new. The legacy site doen't work anymore,
just confirms account and redirects to the new site.

Are there any members here using and having trouble with their
login? I cannot get my login to work and they won't solve the problem. They
say they have reset my password but it doesn't work. The legacy web site
says my account has been migrated, yet the login doesn't work. The legacy
site responds to my normal email address used for the entire 9 years, but
the new platform only responds with an error that the email doesn't exist.

The service still works, but no access to manage my zones.

(Yes, I copy/paste the login so no typos.)

I've sent numerous request for help since Jan 12th but only get the robot
response with the same information about responding in 24 hours -- but,
they never respond.

Now, here I sit without access to numerous domain zones I need to edit with
any way to access them. This is hurting my biz.

So, anyone with this issue out there or know of an alternative company to
replace zoneedit?

Thanks for any response (no robots pls -- heh, heh)

Happy trails,
Jack L. Stone

System Admin

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