Continuing problems with Dovecot + MySQL 5.5.8_1

Jerry freebsd.user at
Tue Jan 11 16:25:08 UTC 2011


After updating to the latest version of MySQL (5.5.8_1), I am
continuing to have problems with Dovecot failing to run correctly even
though I completely removed and reinstalled it. I might add that I did
a pkg_delete of the MySQL client and server also before updating the
port. I was led to believe that this updated version corrected the
problem; however, that does not appear to be correct. :-(

Strangely enough, Postfix, after rebuilding it, works fine with the
new version of MySQL. :-)

What I need to do is get a gdb backtrace of dovecot. Since the program
starts from the dovecot script in the /usr/local/etc/rc.d directory, I
am unsure of how to accomplish this. I have tried several methods;
however, they all fail. Exactly how would I start dovecot using the
script via gdb to get a backtrace?



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