ZFS + GPT with root on memory stick and mirrored SATA drives

krad kraduk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 09:09:22 UTC 2011

On 10 January 2011 21:46, Carl Chave <carl at chave.us> wrote:

> <snip>
> > echo -en "\n\nNow run these two commands to make the changes live, and
> > reboot
> >  zfs set mountpoint=legacy $zpool/be/$nroot
> >  zpool set bootfs=$zpool/be/$nroot $zpool\n\n"
> Thanks for the input krad.  It would be nice to easily switch back and
> forth but aren't you still stuck if everything blows up on that first
> reboot?  In order to switch back to the known working dataset you've
> got to get to a fixit prompt to set the correct bootfs property right?

unfortunatly at the moment yes, but all you have to do is reset the bootfs
property. It would be nice id you could do something from within the boot
loader similar to variables you can pass in grub with opensolaris

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