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   According to LEDinside, total revenue of global packagers in 2010
   reached $12.8 billion with an annual growth rate of 57%. In regional
   performance, Korean output value in particular, increased at an
   exceptional rate - the main reason behind the growth was that large
   conglomerates that own television brands such as Samsung and LG
   provided the necessary support to drive the growth of Korea's LED
   industry. Looking forward into 2011, LED-backlit TV and LED lighting
   markets are still the main driving force for the LED demand, and
   LEDinside estimates that there is still substantial room for further
   growth. From the perspective of market supply, LED manufacturers have
   undergone aggressive capacity expansion in 2010.

   Therefore, it is foreseeable that in 2011, the industry will witness
   explosive growth in both supply and demand. Nonetheless, only the
   manufacturers which are able to maintain quality while keeping costs
   low can outperform others in the competitive industry.
   WW LED Revenue in 2010: $12.8bn Breakdown By Region
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   Worldwide LED Market Forecast and Summary
   01. Worldwide LED Demand 02. Worldwide LED Supply Forecast 
   03. Cost Analysis Compare to Traditional Light Source 04. Price
   Forecast in White LED

   Quarterly Price Information
   - Netbook / Notebook Application
   - Mobile Backlight Application
   - Large-size Backlight(TV/Monitor)Application
   - Lighting(High Power)Application Quarterly Market Trend
   - Lighting Market Overview and Forecast
   - Backlight Market Overview and Forecast Real-time Market Update
   - Show Reports
   - Product Applications
   - Technology Development
   - Others
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   6. mailto:account at ledinside.com

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