Which php??

Andrea Venturoli ml at netfence.it
Mon Jan 10 21:32:09 UTC 2011

On 01/10/11 22:21, Gary Kline wrote:
> Which php52 port do I need to run with wordpress?  There are      a
> slew of them po ports.
> tia.

Never tried it myself, but...

%cd /usr/ports/www/wordpress/
%make pretty-print-run-depends-list
This port requires package(s) "apache-2.2.17_1 
apr-devrandom-gdbm-db43- db43-4.3.29_1 expat-2.0.1_1 
freetype2-2.4.4 gdbm-1.8.3_3 jpeg-8_3 kbproto-1.0.4 libICE-1.0.6,1 
libSM-1.1.1_3,1 libX11-1.3.3_1,1 libXau-1.0.5 libXaw-1.0.7,1 
libXdmcp-1.0.3 libXext-1.1.1,1 libXmu-1.0.5,1 libXp-1.0.0,1 libXpm-3.5.7 
libXt-1.0.7 libiconv-1.13.1_1 libpthread-stubs-0.3_3 libxcb-1.7 
libxml2-2.7.8_1 mysql-client-5.0.91 pcre-8.11 perl-5.8.9_4 php52-5.2.17 
php52-gd-5.2.17 php52-mysql-5.2.17 php52-pcre-5.2.17 
php52-tokenizer-5.2.17 php52-xml-5.2.17 php52-zip-5.2.17 
pkg-config-0.25_1 png-1.4.5 printproto-1.0.4 t1lib-5.1.2_1,1 
xextproto-7.1.1 xproto-7.0.16" to run.


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