Cannot build openjdk6 on Fbsd 8.1

John R. Levine johnl at
Sun Jan 9 17:56:34 UTC 2011

> The nsThreadUtils.h file on my system was installed by the www/libxul port,
> and java/openjdk6 depends on that when WITH_WEB is set, so it should already
> be installed on your system as well.  If for some reason libxul isn't
> installed, try manually installing it, then re-run the openjdk6 build.

That was it.  I had libxul installed, but version 1.9.0 rather than the 
current 1.9.2.  After a portupgrade, openjdk6 builds OK.

I suppose I should file a bug report that the openjdk6 should note the 
version dependency on libxul.

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