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Gary Kline kline at
Sun Jan 9 02:07:28 UTC 2011

	Yesterday, I surfed around for what-a-blog-IS, and now have
	roughly three-halves clue.  A "blog" is a periodic web-column
	written by a person {generally} on a single topic.  Romance,
	Adventure, Sex, Philosophy, Religion, Strawberries, Pets,
	<Fill-in> are possible topics.  I have found several blog
	postings in searching for facts on certain obscure topics.
	Wondered why many of these had the same general format, but
	beyond that, didn't care enough to investigate further.

	At any rate, I have grabbed the latest wordpress port and
	installed it in /usr/local/web/*.  I did the mysql database bit 
	and stopped to check out what I might be getting into.  

	Considering that my blog would be pretty much empty, I'd be
	getting in pretty deep!  And no help in promoting my book and
	its anti-heroes.

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