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Robert Boyer rwboyer at
Sun Jan 9 00:28:49 UTC 2011

I am trying nanobsd for the first time under 8.1 and have two fairly basic questions before I go about solving a few issues in my usual brute-force and wrong way.

1)Using a box stock system with a fresh install and the default with default configuration everything looks like it builds fine right up until.... 

02:11:50 ## build diskimage
02:11:50 ### log: /usr/obj/nanobsd.full//_.di

/usr/obj/nanobsd.full/_.mnt: write failed, filesystem is full

of course my working file systems are not full - far from it. I think it's talking about some disk images that the script is creating - what the heck? How can this be with the default config?

2)Is there an option to run without cleaning the obj directories? Really don't want to rebuild world and kernel from scratch for a couple of different packages in custom configs - let alone do it for solving build issues.



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