Ascertaining NIC Driver Version

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Jan 7 19:12:43 UTC 2011

Chuck Swiger writes:

>  > Is there a command line utility, a la ethtool or the like, that
>  >  can be used to query the NIC driver version? 
>  "uname -a" is probably the most general answer, as most FreeBSD
>  NIC drivers don't have individualized version #s, aside from the
>  OS version itself.

	That is not my understanding.
	To the OP: FreeBSD NIC drivers can and do have version numbers:

huff@>> grep \$FreeBSD /sys/dev/e1000/if_em.c
/*$FreeBSD: src/sys/dev/e1000/if_em.c,v 1.64 2010/12/04 06:38:21 jfv Exp $*/

	The system in question:

FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0: Sat Oct 23 08:15:53 EDT 2010 amd64 

	Obviously, the driver and OS version have nothing to do with
each other.  And the FreeBSD driver version will probably have
nothing to do with any other driver version, especially one provided
by the manufacturer.

					Robert Huff

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