blog-site questions....

Gary Kline kline at
Thu Jan 6 04:13:36 UTC 2011


If there are any people who are into maintaining web logs/blog, this
might be _the_ place to ask.  O/wise, type 'd' now.

One thing I've heard several times is that blogging is a good way of
promoting one's own books.  (I've got at least three books either
published or to-be-published. [[ ... .]])  Now, outside this list
nobody knows me--and that's fine, except that  with a just published
ebook, it's time to make my name and ebook public.  Before I rush
out and sign up with some blogging websites, would be be better to
use a FBSD port and do it myself?

Ill be open about this: I'm still not _entirely_ sure whata blog is.
But I'm a fast study :)
If there are better places to ask about web logs, URL's please... .


PS: Any reason why nobody here has read my ebook?  It is for geeks
and about op en source stuff, so, like , v'mon, people 

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