Robert Fitzpatrick lists at
Wed Jan 5 15:41:38 UTC 2011

Keep getting calls from our provider at one location that our FreeBSD 
8.0-RELEASE server is sending bursts of >1000 spam messages to >70K 
recipients. Since the first call a few weeks ago, I have MRTG and Mail 
Statistics graphs setup and see no spikes in traffic. Their last 
sighting was over the weekend and graphs show a reduction in traffic 
during that time as expected, again with no spikes in traffic or 
messages sent/received by our Postfix/Amavisd-maia MTA. All services on 
that server including SSH, SMTP and mail queue size all monitored by 
Nagios and have had no alerts from that server.

Nonetheless, they claim I must have a bot and the mail is not passing 
through my own SMTP. And I suspect little traffic is needed for the 
alleged bursts. They have no envelope info. Can someone advise on what 
port(s) are available for bot detection and/or prevention? In all my 
years of running FreeBSD as mail gateways, this is the first time I've 
had this issue.


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