HP 2010i

Michael D. Norwick mnorwick at centurytel.net
Sun Jan 2 23:53:04 UTC 2011

On 01/01/2011 22:46, Warren Block wrote:

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On 01/02/2011 08:30, Gökşin Akdeniz wrote:

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Thank you for your responses.  I have probably taken up as much 
bandwidth as I deserve with this subject.  I tried the attached 
xorg.conf with the same results.  A right skewed screen with no apparent 
way to adjust it back centered @ 1600x900.  Using the display properties 
(in the PC BSD/K.D.E. application launcher), I was able to make it 
1400x900 at 59.9 Hz., with a properly filled display.  The text and 
icons are not stretched weird as they were at 1024x768 so maybe I'll 
just play around with fonts.  I think I can live with this.  Thank You 
again for your help.


Wishing HP, Dell, IBM and Oracle etc., would get a clue.  :(

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