a new hard-drive in a 2y/o laptop

Chris Brennan xaero at xaerolimit.net
Sat Jan 1 16:26:14 UTC 2011

> Yes - true enough. Was thinking partition table and typed 'mbr'.
It's all good, I got the cmd right in the end, but alas, it helped me not!

>  > Mmm .. it's not clear from Chris' original message exactly what he did.
I clarified that in a subsequent reply with considerably more detail :D

>  In my case, a temporary replacement disk had FreeBSD 6.2 on it. Something
> changed wrt to disklabeling on the way to 8-Release and the old 6.2 being
> present created a situation where that region on the disk was invisible to
> the new labeling and wouldn't write out. A new install of 8-Release
> (sysinstall) would error out with the same message as Chris when it came to
> the point of writing out to the disk. For me, the above 2 commands fixed my
> situation. Even though his error is the same, I think his problem may be
> different from mine.
> -Mike

I have a 2GB MicroSD card that I am going to toss 8.2BETA1 on, hopefully
later today and see where that gets me.

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