How can I implement true vps with FreeBSD as a host?

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Sat Jan 1 00:57:55 UTC 2011

On 01/01/11 10:44, Martes G Wigglesworth wrote:
> On 12/31/2010 07:26 PM, Da Rock wrote:
>> Have you checked into Xen specifically and how it works? 
> I am currently researching how Xen works.  I am finding the top-level 
> information a bit lacking in low-level information.
> I came across the website with all the objects for Xen, however, I 
> have yet to find implementation or developer information, so I still 
> have some digging to do, obviously.
> I have downloaded the pdf information, however, I have not gotten far 
> enough into the docs to figure out what is actually needed to have Xen 
> function as it should on FreeBSD.
> I am also researching the different types or products to figure out 
> what should be my target for the most investigation.
>> I think you're where I was at a while ago, and a little investigation 
>> will
>> change your mind.FWIW Xen is a hypervisor, and platforms need to be 
>> able to run in it, not the other way around. Have a read up on it 
>> anyway. 
> I am still premature in my research of this platform, so I am still 
> trying to figure out what is done by the Xen implementation that is 
> not within the indigenous OS. (I assume that it encapsulates 
> environments as would be needed for true virtual private services.)
> Thanks for the dialogue, I am still very much premature in my research 
> of this "virtualization appliance" project that I thought up for my 
> environment, and it is nice to see some feedback.
Have you checked the Xen site? Its actually a Citrix product if that helps.

It gets confusing I know- check out wikipedia as well. That will help I 
think. And the Xen site (if I remember correctly) is designed with EU's- 
in mind not high-level CTO's jargon.

For a start though, something like VMWare and VirtualBox run as an app 
on a host (like FBSD). Xen actually runs on the hardware and the guests 
run on it. Hence the only project for FreeBSD is for dom0- as special 
emulated cpu on Xen.

Thats why Xen usually gets rated faster- its not actually on an OS 
because it is one. Thats classified as a type 1. The others have to go 
through the host OS first to get something, so it slows them down just a 
bit, though the kernel modules help that quite a bit.

HTH clear the fog a bit :) But definitely check out the Xen site- you 
can even download the iso to test.

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