Is CTM still being offered for updating FreeBSD?

Chris Rees utisoft at
Sat Feb 26 09:09:50 UTC 2011

On 25 February 2011 23:42, Eitan Adler <lists at> wrote:
>   Why is this question even arising? Surely there are other
>> problems that need to be addressed much more than the ending of a
>> useful, uncontroversial service by someone who is not familiar with
>> it?
> I am familiar with it. I just happened to notice that the mailing
> lists were empty and therefore I thought the service is not being
> used.
> In case you did not notice the subject was in question form and points
> #2 and #3 both had an "if not " clause. Your initial response answered
> my question: that CTM is still being offered. and therefore the rest
> of the email is moot.

The mailing list archives are empty because there's little sense in
preserving the deltas as mail archives when they're available via FTP.

However... the other CTM lists are active.

Try it!


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