FreeBSD 8.1 iSCSI CHAP with header and data digest

Dean E. Weimer dweimer at
Fri Feb 25 06:42:53 UTC 2011

 I am trying to connect my FreeBSD 8.1 system to a FreeNAS server 
 hosting an iSCSI drive.  I can successfully connect if I disable header 
 and data digests, but can't seem to get a connection using header and 
 data digests to succeed.  I know the FreeNAS  side is correct because I 
 was able to connect and successfully format the drive and write data to 
 it using my Windows 7 PC with CHAP and digests enabled.  Here is my 
 FreeBSD iscsi.conf file, do any of you have any idea what I am doing 

 webmail# vim /etc/iscsi.conf
 ## Global Config;

 ## Targets
 # FreeNAS Backup Drive
 backup {

 Also when I connect using the iscontrol -c /etc/iscsi.conf -n backup 
 command, I can't find a way to disconnect the drive.  I ended up 
 rebooting the server to disconnect it so I could go back to testing with 
 digests enabled.  Does anyone know how to disconnect an iscsi connection 
 once connected without rebooting?


  Dean E. Weimer

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