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Fri Feb 25 00:01:35 UTC 2011

On Thu, 24 Feb 2011 19:15:22 -0430, Andres Perera <andres.p at> wrote:
> funny how you point out trivialities and go on to mention one yourself

For an interactive command line shell, it's the "trivialities"
that count - for _me_, which indicates that other persons may
have very different preferences and requirements. My general
impressions are quite good, but they are from a usage point
of view, not paying attention to how things are implemented

>From my short visit in mksh (which I'm glad to know about now)
I found that it does the most things that _I_ do require very
well, and even better than bash (although it is more popular).
Such trivial things include a standard UNIX prompt (maybe
with collapsing $HOME to ~), least interactive comletition
behaviour (in opposite to bash), and nice history functions
(such as entering a few letters and then parse history with
of all command that start that way). Those are things that
worked out of the box (except PS1), and that's a really
good thing. Additionally, installation went fast, didn't
incorporate tons of dependencies, and resulted in a nice
small binary - as this would be important today... :-) But
it's worth being mentioned.

So far, I will see if I will keep using this shell, as it
is really promising. Still I would not suggest to remove
csh from the system and replace it with mksh. If licensing
allows it, it's maybe worth adding mksh to the system, but
that is a decision _I_ am not the right person for.

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