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Thu Feb 24 22:41:36 UTC 2011

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 10:34:25PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Chad Perrin <perrin <at>> writes:
> >
> > 1. You think some measure of popularity of a decision makes it correct.
> No.

Why do you substitute others' email messages for an actual, direct
response to my question, then?

> >
> > 2. You don't like (t)csh.
> No. I just point out it’s not a suitable scripting shell.

Who said anything about using it for scripting?  The URIs you provided
all lead to others talking about what to use as an *interactive* shell.
I use tcsh as an interactive shell all the time, and use sh as a
scripting shell.  Having (t)csh as the default shell in no way means you
have to do your admin scripting in (t)csh.

> >
> > 3. You think your opinions are so self-evident that everybody will just
> > immediately understand them, their reasoning, and the best way to proceed
> > from there.
> I may have some shortcomings when it comes to getting a point across.

You didn't even try to make a point.

> > 1. Is it a good idea to replace (t)csh?
> Probably. (Even Android uses mksh these days.) But that’s up to you
> guys. On the other hand, it’s tradition.

"Probably."  Why?  Just saying it's so doesn't make it so.

> But then, I never asked for this (here, I did in other places) either.
> See above.

What was the point of referring to the "sensible thing", then?

> Anyway, goodnight (and I’ll probably not get back to this thread,
> just hope to have brought some thought-provoking impulse).

It's not thought-provoking if it doesn't include any thought.  If you
think you have a compelling argument, you'll have better luck provoking
thought by letting us in on it.

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