Backtick versus $()

Rob Farmer rfarmer at
Thu Feb 24 21:02:24 UTC 2011

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 12:51 PM, Thorsten Glaser <tg at> wrote:
> Andres Perera <andres.p <at>> writes:
>> "mandated by posix" and reality usually aren't in sync, as i'm sure you know
> by
> In this case, closely enough.
>> now since you pointed out solaris
> It’s just /bin/sh on long outdated versions (newer ones, both
> from Horracle and not, have AT&T ksh93 there instead). No need
> to use it, anyway. sh scripts can usually depend on a POSIX
> shell (and it’s sensible to do so). Some operating environments
> have guaranteed that (MirBSD even guarantees mksh but Debian
> Policy §10.4 explicitly states POSIX plus a few extensions).
> And AFAIK all FreeBSD® shells have it.

Have you used the default FreeBSD shell (tcsh) recently?

[rfarmer at sapphire] ~> echo $(date )
Illegal variable name.
[rfarmer at sapphire] ~> echo `date`
Thu Feb 24 12:59:00 PST 2011
[rfarmer at sapphire] ~> uname -a
r218838: Sat Feb 19 03:39:34 PST 2011
rfarmer at  amd64

And I read the article you posted - basically it seemed to say "some
keyboards are screwed up, so rather than fix them would everyone stop
using this character please." I have a good feeling what the success
rate of that will be.

Rob Farmer

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