How to push privoxy traffic through squid?

Ed Flecko edflecko at
Thu Feb 24 20:09:05 UTC 2011

Hi folks,
I have squid installed and working fine using its default settings; if
I set my browser proxy to the server address:3128 , everything works

I've edited the Privoxy config file and commented out:

debug      1     # Log the destination for each request Privoxy let through.
debug   1024  # Log the destination for requests Privoxy didn't let
through, and the reason why.
debug   4096   # Startup banner and warnings
debug   8192   # Non-fatal errors

and I've added:



forward /

to try and push the content through squid...but it doesn't work. When
I change my browser proxy settings to server address:8118 I can't
reach the internet.

I managed to make this work once before...but darned if I can remember
how I did it!


Thank you,

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