variable line-display pager?

Chip Camden sterling at
Sat Feb 19 23:52:45 UTC 2011

Quoth Gary Kline on Saturday, 19 February 2011:
> Need help findind a way of using existing unix utilities to diplay
> chunks of N lines of a text files.  Here N <= the number of lines in
> the file.
> For instance, say that my xterm/console/"Konsole" is 80x53 lines.
> My text file is around 200 lines long and I want to use more or less
> or some GUI pager to display only 15 lines at one time.  Tapping the 
> space bar would display another 15 lines and so on until EOF.  Is
> there a way of doing with with flags of the existing /usr/bin/less
> or is there some other pager that I can build?
> thanks,
> gary
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The -z option is supposed to do this:

less -z15 file.txt

But it appears to work only on the second and successive pages.

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