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Mario Lobo lobo at bsd.com.br
Thu Feb 17 22:53:19 UTC 2011

On Sunday 13 February 2011 18:52:16 Mario Lobo wrote:
> Hi;
> I am following 8-CURRENT AMD64. I have a Phenom II 955. Up to the 3rd week
> of January, I had 8-STABLE.  Idle CPU temp was 42~44 C (which is already
> not excellent, i know) and full load would never go above 60 C (compiling
> VBox from KDE, for instance).
> After updating to 8.2-PRERELEASE, my temps now are:
> idle:not less than 48 C
> full load (same above conditions): it reached 65.5 C with peaks of 66 C!.
> Was there any big change between these versions that could be causing this?

Just an update to this topic:


Phenom II 955 w/ stock cooler
Idle temp at turn-on: 42~44 C
Idle temp after 3 hrs: 48~49.5 C

Load (95~100%)temp: 64~66.5 C (w/ peaks of 67.5)

With the side of the computer case off.

I replaced the thermal grease (as advised here) with a new one but that didn't 
change those figures.


Phenom II 955 w/ a ZALMAN CNPS 10x PERFORMA cooler
Idle temp at turn-on: 35~37 C
Idle temp after the compilation: 43~44 C

Load (95~100%)temp: 54~56.5 C (w/ peaks of 57 tops)

With the side of the computer case ON.

On both cases, the load was provided by compiling Vbox (4.0.2) under KDE and 
room temp was around 30 C. Powerd on for both.

I noticed one thing. With 8.2-RELEASE, the compilation process stays at 100% 
load a lot longer than with 8.1-STABLE. During the compile with 8.2, there was 
a time I counted about 9 seconds at 100% load, plus about 3 or 4 extra 100% 
load of around 5 secs each. 

With 8.1, I only saw 4 half second ( well, it seemed like a half to me) 100% 
load peaks. And that was it. Beleive me, I counted them. 

Thanks to all that tried to help!
Mario Lobo
FreeBSD since 2.2.8 [not Pro-Audio.... YET!!] (99% winblows FREE)

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