Best Laptop to buy for Freebsd Without OS?

illoai at illoai at
Thu Feb 17 19:32:41 UTC 2011

On 17 February 2011 13:43, Jorge Biquez <jbiquez at> wrote:
> Hello all.
> I am evaluating to buy a new laptop for using it only with Freebsd. I know
> in the website mention some options. Thing is that here the most powerful
> ones (I3, I5 I7) are sold ONLY with Windows installed and that increase the
> value of the equipment. I want the best option at a nice price (could be
> Intel or AMD) the ide is to have it as my main machine and when I need Linux
> or Windows have them there running under VirtualBox. The use will be mainly
> for web development.
> My idea is to buy it with FreeDos or Linux installed or without operating
> system but here there is not an option for powerful equuipment unless you
> want one with Atom processor. The powerful one came ONLY with Windows
> installed.
> I am thinking to ask a friend that travels frequently to USA to buy one for
> me.
> Any suggestion of where and what equipment to buy, without OS (Windows)
> preinstalled? Of course at a good price and the most powerful one.
> sells a FreeBSD laptop (probably not
inexpensively). is ubunutu-based, so you might have
to look closely at the wireless chip.

That one e-online-dot-com internet web store named after
a certain large, South-American river has a few of such
for sale, as well.

I'd buy one with Microsoft® Windows® Starter® Edition®
and amuse myself by applying to the seller for a Microsoft®
Windows® Starter® Edition® Refund® (& depending on where
you live might provide _months_ of entertainment).

Actually, new is too expensive for me: let someone else take
the first price hit.


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