What is the best way to image copy a FreeBSD system?

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Tue Feb 15 23:56:34 UTC 2011

On Tue, 15 Feb 2011, Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:

> I tried a version of Clonezilla that understood ufs and it was really fast 
> copying a slice: It did not understand disklabels and copied only the a 
> partition pretending that it did the entire slice.
> Did you try to copy a slice with multiple partitions?

Since my T42 is handy, I'm testing the latest clonezilla-1.2.7-11-i686 
image on it, PXE-booted.  It shows this sliced/partitioned disk as

Clonezilla            FreeBSD
----------            -------
sda  (60.0GB...
sda1 (60.0GB_ufs...   /
sda5 (ufs...          /
sda6 ((In_HTS...      swap
sda7 (ufs...          /var
sda8 (ufs...          /tmp
sda9 (ufs...          /usr

"savedisk" will back up all of these from sda1 onwards, so there will be 
two copies of / (sda1 and sda5).  Same size but different md5s, no idea 
what's going on there.

In the "saveparts" menu, the appropriate partitions can be picked by 
just choosing all the ones showing ufs in the first part of the 
description, but Clonezilla will only restore them to existing 
partitions.  "restoredisk" doesn't recognize a backup directory created 
with saveparts.

Using a VirtualBox system with a 62G disk, Clonezilla restored all the 
partitions and the boot block.  The restored system boots and seems 
fine.  It really ought to be verified with mtree checksums or something 

There are Clonezilla mailing lists, and anyone who wants to use it with 
FreeBSD or other UFS filesystems should join.  (I don't generally use 
Clonezilla for FreeBSD, and my project list is already too long, so I 
haven't, but still...)

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