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Tue Feb 15 14:45:15 UTC 2011

At 12:41 AM 2/15/2011 -0800, perryh at wrote:
>"Jack L. Stone" <jacks at> wrote:
>> # find all of the same filenames (copyright.htm) and then replace
>> the year 2010 with 2011 in each file. Once I have a working
>> script, I should be able to add it as a cron job to run on the
>> first day of each new year.
>Before actually doing this, you might want to consult a copyright
>lawyer.  Seems to me that merely claiming a more recent copyright
>date, having made no substantive change to the work for which the
>copyright is claimed, could be construed as a fraudulent claim.

Wow! You wandered way off the trail. I own the tech magazine I founded 23
years ago and we publish monthly to 214 countries. I hav also practiced law
for my companies for nearly 40 years, so quit worrying about that stuff.

I just need script help, not other than that.


Happy trails,
Jack L. Stone

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