Rem P Roberti remegius at
Tue Feb 15 02:07:01 UTC 2011

>>>> I need to ask this question again in the hopes that something will come
>>>> of it.  In the process of going through an update (I finally got that
>>>> sorted out) all of my partitions were renamed.  Here they are:
>>>> Filesystem               1K-blocks       Used       Avail      Capacity
>>>>         Mounted on
>>>> /dev/label/rootfs0    507630         326734   140286       70%
>>>>            /
>>>> devfs                                  1               1          0
>>>>      100%                /dev
>>>> /dev/label/var0      1012974         170386   761552       18%
>>>>           /var
>>>> /dev/label/usr0     33292236       9358560 21270298     31%
>>>>     /usr
>>>> linprocfs                          4                   4          0
>>>>       100%    /usr/compat/linux/proc
>>>> /dev/md0                789518                 16     726342      0%
>>>>                 /tmp
>>>> As you can see, root, which was once /dev/ad0s1a, is now
>>>> /dev/label/rootfs0, and /var, which was once /dev/ad0s1d, is now
>>>> /dev/label/var0.  Along with these changes the /etc/fstab was
>>>> automatically modified to allow the boot process to take place.  Can
>>>> someone give me a heads up as to what is going on here.
>>> Seems that you - or something - did make the switch from
>>> device names to labels. Maybe your kernel now includes
>>> GEOM functionality for work with labels? But I don't know
>>> of a process that changes /etc/fstab automatically...
>>> You can still use the device names for the /etc/fstab
>>> entries, you just need to make sure that you select
>>> the correct names (as you described above). Then there
>>> should be no problem as labels are optional.
>> Honestly, I certainly didn't make the change from device names to labels.  I
>> wouldn't know how to do that, although I gather from what you've said that
>> the kernel config file contains that information.  I'm not sure, however,
>> what you mean when you say that I can still use the device names, as the
>> system will not boot unless fstab has in it the entries shown above.
> FreeBSD is wonderful, don't get me wrong,
> but it is not magical.  Partitions don't just
> accrue labels and /etc/fstab doesn't edit
> itself.
> Are you running PCBSD?
LOL!  No, I'm running FreeBSD 8.1.  I know that this all sounds too odd, 
but I swear that I never messed with renaming the partitions with 
labels.  If you check back a few days you will see that I was having 
trouble with an update, and that's where all of this happened.
> Anyway, if you want to go back to device names
> in the /dev/ad0s1[a-g] scheme you can extract
> the correct names with:
> geom label list
> (you might want to pipe it into a pager)
> then edit your /etc/fstab accordingly and
> reboot.
> Although, why bother really?  The label names
> may come in handy if you have to move the hdd
> to another machine to extract the information,
> or for various other reasons.

To tell the truth, I'm content to leave things as they are, but 
unfortunately one of the side effects of all this is that I can't figure 
out how create and entry in the fstab which will again allow me to mount 
my other hard drive.  The former fstab entry for that was:

/dev/ad1s1              /c              ntfs    rw              1       0

But now with labels active I really don't know how to proceed.


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