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Mon Feb 14 21:47:17 UTC 2011

On 14/02/11 21:12, David Kelly wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 08:54:59PM +0000, Simon Tibble wrote:
>> Now, see, I can't help thinking that if we all just abandoned money
>> then the motivation for people to do this sort of thing would then
>> disappear - would it not?
> Without money, how would we keep score to know who is winning?

By measuring ones contribution.  This can be quantified by creating a
system whereby one's output is measured.  It is not a credit system,
rather a combination of reputation (feedback of others) and how much
produce or time you effect.  Try to think ebay without the money, and
instead of leaving feedback after every transaction you only leave the
feedback just once (how do you feel about the other person? good/bad).

Also, in this contribution based system you can change your mind about
the other party at any time, whether you are still in a relationship or
not.  And, instead of having "listings" which get replaced they get
renewed with updated quantities, so, you see, you could list TIME or
PRODUCT and as you make more available you update your contribution system.

I am looking to recruit developers for such an idea, and I have a
partial prototype of a new discussion-decision-resolution website system
partially created at (it's not even prototype worthy yet, but
it's getting there).  Specificially, I suggest you read the IDEA page
which explains more about my radical (and not new but only slightly
different) way of organising ourselves as a race.

Quantifiable without currency through better organisation.  Lose the
belief in the money system and the Queen of England will no longer
control you from the capital of the whole financial institution which is
London. (On a side note, Washington is the centre for military control
and I think you know where the spiritual center is in the east).

But don't mind me.  I'm a crazy man with random mumbles.

Simon Tibble
simon at

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