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Gary Kline kline at
Mon Feb 14 03:04:26 UTC 2011

Yo guys,

First something offtopic.  Even tho it was thanks to help from
members of this list that i was able to publish my novel about a
disabled computer nerd, nobody here bit.  i thought at least many of
y'all would buy and share ... but nope.  I'd be much obliged for
feedback--OFFLIST.   If I ever have to create a typeset-quality doc,
the kind that openoffice tries to create, I'll go with the LaTeX
suite.  Re book, it is scheduled to be read on a local book discussion
group. {!!!}

Partly off-topic.  I'm sure that hundreds and hundreds remember
when i was having trouble with portupgrades.  My streams slowed or
stopped. Steams and web connections and ftp: all flaky. I was _sure_ 
it was due to things not being kept 
current, so I tried for more than a week and the new  ports got wedged
or broke.  BEsides breaking concrete with my head, once I had most
things working, i Swore that I was going to turn over the hosting to
somebody else.  We have the BEST kernel in the known universe;
when there is a Deb/FreeBSD distro [and evverything works], life
will be complete.  

Nine days ago, after doing my 4th and 5th reset on my router, it
died. I couldn't see that the LED labeled "INTERNET" wasn't lit.
I have always been very careful with the thing; it is less than five 
years old.  Nutshell, it took until noon last Monday before 
was reconnected with the Real World.  I'm slightly stubborn; 
I'll get something working if it means reinstalling and upgrading
the 817 ports on my server.  But that did not fix my busted router;
it was toast.  I used my speech tools to ask what had gone
wrong with the unit and the technician said: "iT burned out!"

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